#stayhome Kitchen Sinks and Built-in Appliances

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We designed our products based on needs of people. Our main goal is to design the products functional and responsive to changing emotions and habits, by following economic, cultural and social changes.

We are keeping the pulse of the sector for a quarter century

As a company that has been successful in 25 years, we are competing with world giants in built-in and steel sinks. We keep the pulse of the sector by producing with the latest technology in our factories in six different countries, especially in Düzce.

We are constantly developing

Our company which is the most invested company in R & G, continues to produce special solutions that meet dynamic market needs with its constantly renewed product range, quality production standards and diversified services. Our products shaped by our R & D investments; also shapes the technology of the sector by having world-class and own patents.


Espacially in our factory in Düzce operated with industry 4 we produce sinks in every extent. We crown these works and determination by exporting to 80 different countries of the World. We export to Asia countrys, Canada, Russia. Ukraine, all the countrys of Europe, China, New Zeland and we also have been in the American market for 15 years. Every year we record %100 growth in Turkey and in the World. With our difficult designs, approach to give importance to R & D, patented products and our vision targets the future we are proud to announce Turkeys name to the World.

We think not only today but also tomorrow!

We continue to work passionately by transferring our philosophy to generations without sacrificing sustainability in the production and management process. We prioritize respect in every step; Accordingly, we are working to add value to people, nature and our world. We share this awareness with our suppliers and collaborators, as well as our employees, by making the necessary investments for sustainability with our knowledge and experience. We act with environmental awareness at every stage from supply to production, from packaging to delivery.