#stayhome Kitchen Sinks and Built-in Appliances

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For your Triple Built Sets

You can get additional warranty certificate for oven, stove and range hood for 3 years from the built-in sets. You can only buy this document when you first buy the product. Your devices are assured for many years with our warranty service.

For product-based built-in appliances

You can get an additional warranty certificate for your built-in appliances for the oven, hob, range hood and microwave oven as +3 years. You can only buy this document when you first buy the product. Your devices are guaranteed for many years with our +3 year warranty service.

Additional Warranty Certificate Terms

1. This document is valid for all built-in appliances (hob, oven, range hood and microwave oven).

2. The additional warranty covers an additional 3 years from the end of the legal warranty period granted to the devices.

3. The determination of all mechanical and electronic parts and parts to be replaced for the operation of the device other than consumables and accessories etc. belong to our company completely.

4. The additional warranty does not apply to hotels and similar products purchased for business and commercial purposes. Even if applied, it loses its validity.

5. If the product fails within the warranty period, the time spent in repair is added to the warranty period. This period starts from the date of delivery of the product to UKINOX authorized service.

6. Additional warranty is required for the spare parts and labor costs of the technical malfunction occurring within its period. External surface deformations (rust, yellowing, cracking etc.) and damages are not subject to additional warranty in this context.

7. Product cannot be exchanged or returned due to malfunctions that may occur during the additional warranty period.

Failure of your device is not covered by the warranty below. In such cases, the failure of your device is made for a fee.

1. Malfunctions caused by using the device contrary to the point in the user manual.

2. Damages and malfunctions caused by all kinds of intervention by unauthorized people.

3. Damages and failures that may occur during loading, unloading and shipping.

4. Damage and malfunctions due to low or excess voltage, incorrect electrical installation and inappropriate voltage value.

5. Damages and failures that may occur due to natural disasters (earthquake, flood, etc.) fire and lightning strike.

6. Malfunctions resulting from the use of products designed and manufactured for the home environment in commercial enterprises are not covered by the warranty.

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